Lukasz Aleksander Glowacki aka MAMUT was born in Sandomierz/ Poland and moved to Linz/ Austria as a kid, where he still lives and works today. He is one half of the collective Cancontrollers working together with KRYOT since 1999.

MAMUT draws lines using different tools – the impulsivity of a moment floats symmetrically onto surfaces from canvas to containers. Lines are turning into ornamental shapes, into areal layers, into graphic illustrations in the fields of spraycan art, sketchy caricatures and extensive murals; sociocritical, personal, human, abstract, surreal! The repetitive iteration of motion compresses experience into organic works somewhere between calligraphic reduction and overloaded freestyle. Flow finds form.
Text by Lukas Jakob Löcker




Selected Exhibitions:
2022 Situation der Unbestimmtheit / Group, Galerie WHA, Linz
2020 Graffiti & Bananas / Group, Nordico Stadtmuseum, Linz
2020 Kultur braucht Kunst / Group, Schlossmuseum, Linz
2016 Next Comic / Group, Verein Kapu, Linz
2015 Knotenpunkt 15 / Group, Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg
2015 Next Comic - Open Call / Group, Raumschiff, Linz
2015 esbistdu / Group, Studio-Es, Vienna Design Week
2014 Wandblatt / Group, Rabbit Eye Movement, Wien
2014 Signs of Life / Group, Raumschiff, Linz
2013 The Summer Jam / Solo, Artlane Galerie, Klagenfurt
2013 Bubbledays Festival / Group, Boxxoffice, Linz
2012 VANS X the Genuine Slip On Canvas Project / Group, Genuine, Linz
2011 L.I.F.E. – Linien in fließender Eleganz / Solo, Boxxoffice, Linz
2010 Polen Hip Hop Special / Solo, Verein KAPU, Linz
2009 Za Granica / Solo, Galeria na Stare Miasto, Sandomierz
2008 Künstler im Kontrast / Group, Gemeindeamt St. Georgen
2007 Das Unheimliche / Group, Medea offenes Atelier, Linz

Live Painting:
2015-2016 Welcome to Astoria / Live Drawing Performance,Musiktheater, Linz
2015 5 Years of the Future Sound - with Antilog / Stwst, Linz
2015 Heaven – Def ill x Eliot / Setdesign & Requisite for Musicvideo 
2014 Bubbledays Festival - with Antilog / Linz
2014 Frühlingserwachen / Landestheater, Linz
2013 Artlane Gallery / Klagenfurt
2005 Meeting of Styles / Zagreb

2016 human / Hirntrust Grind Media
2013 MAMUTIZM / self published book

2014 Ein Wandblatt aus Wien / Artist driven magazine, Vienna
2005 Graffiti World / Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Verlag
2002 Arkano / Graffiti Magazine, Italy